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Expertise: Orchestra furniture

French designer and manufacturer of orchestra furniture

French designer and manufacturer of orchestra furniture

Our commitments

Rythmes & Sons designs and manufactures a full range of orchestral furniture (chairs, desks, lighting desks, podiums, sound screens, acoustic screens, etc.).

Our products are tailored to the practical and technical requirements of conductors, musicians, stage managers and technicians. We also ensure that they are attractive and simple to integrate in all theaters.


We are committed to manufacturing and offering quality orchestra furniture that has a long lifespan. We select quality raw materials. Our manufacturing processes are the result of combining our expertise with a constant search for modern and innovative techniques.

Rythmes & Sons works closely with stakeholders from the entertainment industry to develop its range of furniture and offer solutions that respond to current needs and constraints.


Our innovations

Constantly looking for new methods, Rythmes & Sons is the source of many innovations:

  • The Orchestra and Compact fixed chairs are world renowned. Thousands equip prestigious venues worldwide.
  • The Voyager stand is compact, light-weight, and fast and easy to assemble. Now manufactured by Manhasset, it has become world renowned.
  • A totally silent anti-rotation device for adjustable musician chairs. This patented system is used in our "multi adjustable" orchestra chairs.
  • The Notelight® stand light.This LED lighting for professionals provides a direct beam of high-quality light. It is fixed or dimmable with a switch or online.

These innovations have been rewarded by the INPI, which awarded Rythmes et Sons the trophy for innovation in 2010.


To complement our range of orchestral furniture, we distribute high-quality products from selected brands such as Manhasset (USA) and K&M (Germany).

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