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Industry & Logistics

Rythmes & Sons designs and manufactures a wide range of durable and reusable industrial packaging solutions suitable for all types of transport: sea, air, and road.

Many European companies use Rythmes & Sons flight cases for the transport, packaging, and storage of their medical, space, automotive, or military equipment....

Rythmes & Sons designs and manufactures a wide range of durable and reusable industrial packaging solutions suitable for all types of transport: sea, air, and road.

We develop and offer technical solutions:

  • Standards commonly held in stock: flight cases, shuttle boxes, containers.
  • Tailor-made: we have a dedicated design office. to the analysis and to the design of packaging in order to meet the specific needs adapted to; each type of product, taking into account the constraints of use and transport.

Our shuttle boxes integrate all the needs and constraints of manufacturers:

  • Palletization and reuse
  • The resistance and/or the lightness
  • The conditioning: à flat or mounted
  • The modes of transport: air, land, sea

Our shuttle crates include all industrial needs and specifications:

  • Palletisation and reuse
  • Resistance and/or light-weight
  • Packaging: flat or mounted
  • Modes of transport: air, land, sea

Manufacturing adapted to the industrial sector:

Selected materials:

  • Plywood panel all birch filmed brown thickness 9, 12 or 18 mm conforming to the ISPM 15 standard
  • Expanded polypropylene panel black thickness 10 or 15 mm
  • Honeycomb or composite panel
  • Aluminium panel
Nos matériaux utilisés

Specific facilities:

We machine custom-made interior fittings in wood or foam adapted to your needs. your equipment (machining and foam wedging, compartments, tray, etc.).
We have a unit; polyurethane lamination of foams.

A hardware customization/identification:

We offer the personalization of your cases by engraving, stickers or marker.

Our main objectives are to provide you with optimized packaging solutions in order to reduce logistics costs, and to facilitate and secure the handling of your materials.

Nos moyens techniques
The performance of our management tools, our large stock of raw materials, our modern and efficient production site allow us to quickly manage, manufacture and ship large quantities (separate 10 to 200 cases) and large volumes (100 m3).

Some manufacturing examples

Watertight shuttle boxes with sliding plexiglass doors:

Caisses navettes avec portes coulissantes en plexi

USM: Mobile Storage Unit:


Pallet rack storage unit:


SKELCASE®, the new generation of shuttle box:

  • Made for heavy and bulky equipment (payload 1 to 2 tonnes / lengths up to 4m)
  • Stackable and palletizable
  • Extremely resistant
  • Quickly assembled using M8 screws and aluminum profiles
  • Fully removable, separable and recyclable
  • Easy maintenance and repair by replacing parts (panels, corners, screws and angles)
  • Delivered and storable at flat

  • Skelcase

    Material Delivery Unit (MDU)
    Material Delivery Unit (MDU) Shuttle box specially designed for industrial logistics!
    Skelcase Rythmes & Sons has developed a new generation of reusable and foldable crates. Dimensions are optimized for truck, maritime and cargo transport. The structural assembly by M8 screws and aluminium profiles makes it extremely resistant.
    Palletized boxes
    Palletized boxes We offer a complete range of palletizable and stackable crates. You can configure the crates according to your needs (lid and casters optional).
    Wheels board for handling
    Wheels board for handling Our wheels board for handling are manufactured to easily transport loads on industrial sites, factory, storage ... They can carry loads up to 450 kg.