Since 1981

Flight cases, Orchestra Furniture and Percussion Instruments have been our focus since the origin of Rythmes & Sons

Rythmes & Sons, a French company based in Alsace, is organized around 3 complementary activities:

Manufacturing, repairing, inventing, since more than 30 years this family business of 23 collaborators is animated by the same passion for a profession which transports them today onto stages throughout the whole world.

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Expertise since 1981


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Découvrez à partir de la 29ème minute l' Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France en tournée avec les flight-cases Rythmes & Sons!


Pensez à notre service entretien et réparation de timbales et claviers !
Nous sommes spécialisés dans la maintenance et la réparation d'instruments de percussion d'orchestre de toutes marques (ré-accord, révision, rénovation ...).

Contactez-nous: https://www.r-sons.com/fr/contact


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