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Expertise: Flight cases

French manufacturer of flight cases since 1981

The flight case is a reusable and robust transport case for packaging and protecting fragile materials (stage equipment, medical equipment, industrial equipment, musical instruments, works of art, etc.) for transport by truck , plane, or boat.
Its lifespan depends on its use. Rythmes & Sons flight cases have a lifespan of about 3000 uses or 30 years.

Rythmes et Sons has been designing and manufacturing 100% French flight-cases in Alsace since 1981.
Our large stock of raw material, modern and efficient technical equipment, and production capacity allows us to offer both standard and customized products of exceptional quality.


To ensure fast delivery time, we have developed a range of standard flight cases currently held in stock: trunks, palletized crates, crates, racks, boards, storage cases, etc.
They meet a variety of needs.


We assess your requirements and offer customized solutions for your packaging needs and uses. Our production capacity allows us to quickly deliver large series.

French manufacturer of flight cases since 1981French manufacturer of flight cases since 1981

Our innovations

Rythmes & Sons philosophy has always been based on quality and innovation.
It allows us to offer effective and original technical solutions to users.

Our team of 5 engineers is continuously designing and developing new products.
The constant search for innovation, adaptability and ambitiousness in our products have allowed Rythmes & Sons to stand out in the market of manufacturing flight cases.

Rewarded by INPI in 2010, Rythmes & Sons is known for its endless search for unique technical solutions to meet user demands.


  • In 1984 Rythmes et Sons offered the first range of flight cases and standard racks.

  • In 1985, Rythmes et Sons launched the first removable dividers using grooved foam sides.

  • The OpenRoad®: Created in 1996, this opening system has become a must in the world of flight cases. It is simple to use and offers many advantages.
    Its flat lid is lightweight and compact. It can be completely removed or stowed on the side of the flight case by using the fastening system.
    Very ergonomic, the OpenRoad® clasp is opened by the touch of a hand. 

  • The studio rack: Founded in 1997, this industrial and robust 19" studio rack allows an elegant integration of fixed and mobile installations.

  • The ClicTop®: Created in 2005, this rack is light and ergonomic. It allows you to quickly and easily use 19" devices. The polymer lids are stackable, semi-rigid and virtually unbreakable.

  • The Open Top® : Created in 2009, this hanging rack is specially designed for very fragile 19" equipment. Its swing cover moves on the upper part and remains attached during flights.

  • The OpenU® : Created in 2013, this protective case for flat screens is lightweight, rugged and easy to use. We have developed a full range of sizes and models of screens from 15" to 86".

  • The Skelcase® : Created in 2016, this is a new range of shuttle cases that are fully removable by screws.

Our innovationsOur innovations

Our commitments

We are committed to being environmentally friendly:

Rythmes et Sons uses high-quality plywood is certified to have lower formaldehyde levels and conforms to the highest standards.

To reduce environmental impact, we use the following practices:

  • Designing and manufacturing high quality products whose lifespanis over 30 years (or 3000 uses)
  • Optimizing product packaging to reduce transport volumes and carbon footprints
  • French Production: all our flight-cases are produced in Alsace (67)
  • Limiting waste production
  • Recycling our waste


Our materials

Our birch plywood comes from Northern Europe. It provides exceptional quality and impact resistance. Various coatings are available to meet all needs.

  • Birch plywood coated with a phenolic film on two sides: We use 9 mm panels in most of our products. Extremely resistant, it guarantees the sustainability of our packaging. 6.5 mm birch panels are mainly used for light configurations and small item packaging (briefcases and light racks).

    - Resistant to water, UV rays, and commonly used chemicals.
    - Good resistance to heavy loads.
    - Very good resistance to temperature, from -80 ° to 120 ° C
    - Easy to clean smooth surface.

  • Birch plywood coated with "orange peel" like colored PVC: Available in dark blue, sky blue, green oil, red, orange, burgundy, yellow, dark gray, light gray, black and white.
    Other colors are available on request (as part of the mass-production).

    - Allow you to quickly identify your equipment and customize your cases.
  • Birch plywood with hexagonal embossed coating: "Hexa" panels are 9 mm birch plywood coated with a thick phenol film with a hexagonal embossing. It is available in gray and black.

    - Provides high resistance to shocks, scratches, impact and wear.
    - Very good resistance to heavy loads
    - Very good resistance to temperatures, from -80° to 120°C

  • Composite: We offer various types of composite panels to meet different needs: X, cellular and honeycomb panels

    - Lightweight
    - Easy maintenance

Our materials

Our interior features

We offer a wide range of internal fittings in wood or foam that are adapted to the item to be protected.

  • Foam padding (standard): High density 20 mm foam is attached to the interior of the flight-case to provide maximum protection of the material being transported.
  • Foam padding (custom) We offer customized foams (material, density and thickness) that are appropriate for the item being protected
  • Grooved foam kit with removable padded wooden partitions: Allowing you to add multiple padded partitions to a trunk. They can be moved or completely removed to adjust the storage space.
  • Composite grooved kit with removable wood partitions: No screws required for use, it can easily be removed at any time. Additional partitions can be added. This kit is an available option for each of our standard trunks.
  • Removable compartments: many sizes of compartments supplement the partition kits mentioned above. They can be placed on two low partitions or four supports. Two handles provide easy handling. They make it easy to store all your accessories.

Our interior features

Customizing your flight-cases

We offer different options to customize your cases:

  • Color panels
  • Embedding your logo, image, or other symbol
  • Sticker


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