We will be closed from July 20 to August 18, 2024 inclusive.

Our production times are currently about 8 weeks, we invite you to anticipate your orders so that we can deliver to you on time!

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Our strengths

A Commercial reactivity

Our competent team is at your disposal to quickly answer your questions, to advise you on the choice of your conditionning solutions, and to guide you in their use. We guarantee a quick answer and a complete following of your files.

We are available over the phone, by emails, fax and in our local.


Projects management

Our team is trained to help you and to manage packaging and transport projects as a whole.

  • Study: our design office composed of 5 engineers et technicians is at your disposal to study your project, analyse your needs, and propose adapted technical solutions.
  • The design: for a custom made manufacture, once the packaging solution defined, our design office draws the 3D plans that we send you for approval before the manufacture of the cases.
  • The manufacture: the flight cases are integrally manufactured in our local in Alsace.
  • Expedition: packages are shipped by trusted carriers.
  • Delivery: a period of 24-72 hours is necessary for delivery in mainland France, from the date of departure from our docks.

For standards solutions kept in stock, the shipping can be made within 24h.
For a custom made solution, count about 10 weeks.


A sustainable manufacture of quality

Quality is our priority !

For Rythmes & Sons, the choice of our materials (wood and accessories) used in the manufactuting of our flight case gets a particular attention.

We select our suppliers to propose componant and raw material of first quality. We favor local and european suppliers.
The Rythmes & Sons flight cases are manufacture using numerically controlled devices. The precision of our production tools guarantees reproducible quality of the boxes.

We are able to reproduce the exact same case years later !
The use of sturdy materials and our manufacturing process guarantees a good lifetime to the Rythmes & Sons flight case :
the equivalent of 30 years or 3,000 uses.


Optimization of flight cases

Our design office optimizes the conditionning of the products with the goal to reduce transportation volumes and by that save on logistics costs.

The packaging of the equipment in a minimum amount of cases allows as well an optimization of the storage space in your local.

Our transport cases are made to protect your equipement and the user.
The loading/unloading of the cases must be sure, quick, and easy to optimize the manutention time.


An important stock

We dispose of a large stock of raw materials (panels, profile, corners, handles …) to answer quickly to your requests.

To respond faster to your requests, we keep in stock a large amount of standards flight cases (cases, trunks, racks…) which allow us to ship within 24h.


A production reactivity

We dispose of a 8000m² local that regroups a study and managment platform, a production and storage site.

This proximity guarantees a production of quality and quick fabrication time.

The permormance of our managment devices, our large stock of raw materials, our modern and performing production site allow us to manage, manufacture and ship quickly big volumes.


Respect of deadlines

The agreed delivery requirements are kept and respected by us in order to guarantee you the use of the equipment on time. 

You can count on our reliability of our carriers! 


Constant innovations

Innovation is essential for Rythmes & Sons.
Our design office works on new packaging in line with the evolutions of the market (weight, design and mechanical characteristics).

The innovation of the process (method of production) is just as important in the development of the company.


The respect of the environment

We use first choice plywood conform to the most rigorous standards.

  • PEFC : certifies a sustainable managment of the forest.
  • NIMP15 : international shytosanitary measure that addresses the need to treat wood materials (thickness superior to 6mm) used to ship products between countries.

Its goal is to prevent the spreading of diseases and insects that could affect negatively the plants and the ecosystem.

We have implemented a set of good practices to reduce the environmental impact :

  • Design and manufacture of reusable products
  • Optimisation and packaging of the products with a reducing of the transport volumes et carbon footprint
  • French Manufacture: all of our flight case come out of our production lign in Alsace (France)
  • Reduction of our production waste
  • Selective sorting of our waste
  • Valorisation of our waste


After sale service

We remain at the disposal of our customers before, during and after the realisation of your projects.


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