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Percussion instruments

Distributor of leading brands in the European market

Rythmes & Sons is one of the European leaders in the distribution of orchestral percussion instruments.
We offer many brands that are recognized by the greatest musicians: Adams, Cadeson, Capelle, Concorde, Deagan, Ludwig, Majestic, Musser, Premier, Saito, Schiedmayer, Yamaha, etc.

Our showroom

Our showroom allows you to try various instruments (by appointment): marimbas, xylophones, vibraphone, tubular bells, kettledrums, bass drums, gongs, etc.

Our showroom

Our innovations

Rythmes & Sons has created significant innovations in the world of percussion:

  • Polyblocks® : Invented, patented and manufactured by Rythmes & Sons in 1984. These temple blocks and wood blocks are made of synthetic material. They are indestructible and can withstand any mechanical stress. They offer a solution to the fragility issues of traditional wooden instruments.
  • Study xylophone: Rythmes et Sons proposed the first study xylophone with wide bars. This instrument provides better sound quality and is used exactly like the classic xylophone.
  • CoolDrum® : Invented, patented and manufactured by Rythmes & Sons in 2008. Compact and progressive, CoolDrum® instruments are perfectly suited for composing, stage performances, and musical experimentation. They are very versatile!
  • Slidtune®: The Slidtune® is an electronic gauge made in France by Rythmes & Sons.
    True timpanist / timpani interface, it will allow you to view the tuning gauges of your 5 timpanies on a single screen. See more


Maintenance and repair service

We specialize in the maintenance and repair of all brands of percussion instruments. We are particularly recognized for our repair work on orchestral kettledrums.
We have a large stock of spare parts and we manufacture parts that are no longer manufactured or available in the market.

Maintenance and repair service

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