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Lamps for Orchestra Music Stands

Discover our lighting for music stand for your indoor and outdoor events.

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RYTHMES & SONS 3000° Notelight® light (large model)
RYTHMES & SONS 3000° Notelight® light (large model)
Ref. ECL 024G 3329
201.00€ Incl. VAT
3 in stock + Manufacture within 8 to 15 days
RYTHMES & SONS 4000° Notelight® light (large model)
RYTHMES & SONS 4000° Notelight® light (large model)
Ref. ECL 024G 3340
201.00€ Incl. VAT
5 in stock + Manufacture within 8 to 15 days
RYTHMES & SONS 2400°-5500° White Tunable Notelight® light
RYTHMES & SONS 2400°-5500° White Tunable Notelight® light
Ref. ECW 33 2455
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117 in stock + Manufacture within 8 to 15 days
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) 12295 LED Light
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) 12295 LED Light
Ref. ECP 4012
50.00€ Incl. VAT
Restock in progress
Ref. ECP 4008
16.00€ Incl. VAT
In stock
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) 12247 Set of 6'T FLEXLIGHT' LED Light + case
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) 12247 Set of 6"T FLEXLIGHT" LED Light + case
Ref. ECP 4008-06V
116.98€ Incl. VAT
In stock
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) 12260 lighting for double music stand
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) 12260 lighting for double music stand
Ref. ECP 2220 06
53.00€ Incl. VAT
In stock
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) 12250  lighting
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) 12250 lighting
Ref. ECP 1220 06
34.00€ Incl. VAT
In stock
-40% WILDE & SPIETH 230V Halogen lighting
WILDE & SPIETH 230V Halogen lighting
Ref. ECP 32024-12V
323.00€ Incl. VAT   195.00€ Incl. VAT
2 in stock, Not returned or exchanged
-31% WILDE & SPIETH 24V Halogen lighting
WILDE & SPIETH 24V Halogen lighting
Ref. ECP 32230-12V
303.60€ Incl. VAT   210.00€ Incl. VAT
2 in stock, Not returned or exchanged
-25% KONIG & MEYER (K&M) Fluorescent lighting + power supply transformer
KONIG & MEYER (K&M) Fluorescent lighting + power supply transformer
Ref. ECP 1451+TR
52.00€ Incl. VAT   39.00€ Incl. VAT
14 in stock, Not returned or exchanged
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What is a music stand lamp?

The music stand lamp is the essential accessory for musicians who want to read their scores easily in dimly lit environments. The music stand lamp must provide sufficient light without dazzling and must not interfere with the musician's reading. It should also not be bulky, for the comfort of musicians and for easy storage.

The characteristics of a music stand lamp

  • The power of the lamp: The higher the power, the more light the lamp will provide. The color of the light may also vary.
  • The lighting angle: Make sure that the lamp has a sufficiently wide lighting angle to illuminate the musician's entire score.
  • Variation of brightness: It is important to be able to adjust the brightness of the lamp to be able to adapt to the ambient light conditions.
  • Power supply: Music stand lights can be powered by batteries, a mains socket, batteries or a USB port. Be sure to choose the right power supply for your needs.

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