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Podiums for conductor

Discover our range of chef's podiums which comes in 3 versions: Varnished beech podium / Black podium / Folding podium

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RYTHMES & SONS LEONARD® varnished beech conductor podium
RYTHMES & SONS LEONARD® varnished beech conductor podium
Ref. POD 0220 63
1 400.00€ Incl. VAT
3 in stock + Manufacture within 8 to 15 days
RYTHMES & SONS LEONARD® black plywood conductor podium
RYTHMES & SONS LEONARD® black plywood conductor podium
Ref. POD 0224 63
1 200.00€ Incl. VAT
1 in stock + Manufacture within 8 to 15 days
RYTHMES & SONS HECTOR® black plywood folding conductor podium
RYTHMES & SONS HECTOR® black plywood folding conductor podium
Ref. POD 0300 63
1 248.00€ Incl. VAT
5 manufactured within 3 to 8 days
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The podium for the conductor is a kind of raised platform on which the conductor stands to conduct his orchestra. It is usually placed at the center of the orchestra pit to be visible for all the musicians on the scene. The raised platform can be manufactured out of wood, metal or plastic.
It exists in different shapes and sizes. There is different types of conductor podiums, each with its pros and cons. The fixed podiums are stable and safe but can be more difficult to move around than the folding podiums.


The conductor podium is used by the conductor, the maestro It can be used indoor as well as outside for outdoor concerts et shows to conduct the orchestra. The podium can serve as an small stage (platform) for the choir director or singing director.


  • Improves the visibility of the conductor
  • Eases the access of the conductor to the music partition
  • Optimizes the projection of the voice of the conductor
  • Stable and durable

Do not forget to consult our accessories for our conductor podiums : covers, boards on wheels, and podium raiser.

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