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Drum Thrones

Discover our range of drummer seats. Do not hesitate to contact us if for any information or special request.

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GIBRALTAR 9608E Drum Throne
GIBRALTAR 9608E Drum Throne
Ref. SIE TG 9608E
137.00€ Incl. VAT
In stock + Restock in progress
YAMAHA DS-840 Drum Throne with round seat
YAMAHA DS-840 Drum Throne with round seat
Ref. SIE TY JDS840
169.00€ Incl. VAT
Restock in progress
YAMAHA DS-950 Drum Throne with rectangular seat
YAMAHA DS-950 Drum Throne with rectangular seat
Ref. SIE TY JDS950
231.00€ Incl. VAT
In stock
PEARL D-1500S Roadster Drum Throne
PEARL D-1500S Roadster Drum Throne
Ref. SIE TP D1500S
240.00€ Incl. VAT
In stock
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What is a drummer's seat or stool?

A drum seat is a seat specially designed for drummers. There are other seats such as the piano seat or the piano bench but these do not adapt as well to the movements of a drummer and are therefore not necessarily suitable. To ensure good playing, it is essential to adopt a good posture behind your drums.
The drum stool offers several seat shapes: drum stools with a round seat or stools with a seal-shaped seat. The choice of seat is up to the user. This is a personal choice based on size or preference.
There are also different coverings for the seat of the drum stool: the imitation leather guarantees resistance to wear while the fabric covering provides good stability because it is less slippery.
The drum stools are height adjustable to adapt to the size of the drummer. The drummer must have both feet flat on the floor or on the drum pedals.
Some drum stool models are equipped with a removable backrest.

It is essential for drummers to adopt a proper seated posture. By taking the time to properly adjust their stool and instruments, drummers can play comfortably and safely.

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