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Mobilier d'orchestre - RYTHMES & SONS AMY® Chaise haute r-2
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Mobilier d'orchestre - Chaise d'orchestre multi-réglable -3

RYTHMES & SONS AMY® Adjustable Chair for percussionist / stage manager

Ref. SIE 5510NPE

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  • Users: percussionnists
  • Adjusters are located on the same side
  • Excellent durability in time
  • Square shaped Seat
  • Easy adjustment in height by a compression gas spring
  • Wide and curved Backrest
  • Noiseless
  • Anti-skid and anti-noise rubber floor feet
  • Designed and manufactured in France by RYTHMES & SONS

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Percussionist, Stage manager

RYTHMES & SONS AMY® Adjustable Chair for percussionist / stage manager

It is with a similar objective to the Kaija® model that we designed the Amy® chair, with the added advantage of tailor-made adjustment of the seat and back.

It is equipped with an asynchronous mechanism for tilting the seat and backrest to obtain an optimized comfort angle. Ease of adjustment.

Adjustment is made using 2 levers located on one side (right side) to facilitate changes. This system offers daily comfort when using the chair. The controllers are easily located. The user can trigger the mechanisms using only their right hand.

This chair is guaranteed without squeaks and extraneous noise thanks to a good quality in the conception and in the making.
The manufacturing quality guarantees a 10 years lifetime minimum.


  • Rectangular Ergonomic shaped seating dim. 44x37 cm / 17.3"x14.5"
  • Rounded front edge sloping downwards to prevent leg numbness by reducing pressure points
  • Adjustable in height: 56-81 cm / 22"-31.8" by a compression gas spring (other height on request)
  • The seat height range allows the musician to keep both feet flat on the ground
  • Adjustable in tilt: -4°/+9°
  • Rotates 360°
  • Combustion Modified High Resilience Foam (CMHR), thickness 40mm / 1.57", density 60kg/m3:
    - Good ability to return to its original shape after being compressed
    - Highly resistant to the test of time
    - Fire-retardant properties, flame retardant
  • Black XTREME CS fabric:
    - Flammability : 1&2 (cigarette & match) ; BS 7176 Low Hazard ; DIN 4102 B1 ; NF D 60-013 : ÖNORM B 3825 & A 3800-1 (58 kg/m3 CMHR Foam) ; UNI 9175 Classe 1 IM ; NF P 92-507 M1 ; UNI 8456, UNI 9174 & UNI 9177 Classe Uno,
    - OEKO-TEK® Standard 100 Certified,
    - Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certifie
    - Non-Metallic Dyes,
    - Abrasion Resistance: >60,000 Martindale RPM
    - Very good resistance to rubbing (wet 4/dry 4),
    - Easy to maintain as it can be vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth


  • Compact and curved backrest dim. 40x22 cm / 15.7"x8.7"
  • Very good support for the back and lumbar region
  • Bare shoulders to ensure great freedom of movement
  • Adjustable in height: 31-38 cm / 12.2"-15"
  • Adjustable in depth: Yes
  • Adjustable in tilt: Oui
  • combustion modified high resilience foam, thickness 30mm / 1.18", density 37kg/m3:
    - good ability to return to its original shape after being compressed
    - highly resistant to the test of time
    - fire-retardant properties, flame retardant
  • black xtreme cs fabric:
    - flammability : 1&2 (cigarette & match) ; bs 7176 low hazard ; din 4102 b1 ; nf d 60-013 : önorm b 3825 & a 3800-1 (58 kg/m3 cmhr foam) ; uni 9175 classe 1 im ; nf p 92-507 m1 ; uni 8456, uni 9174 & uni 9177 classe uno,
    - oeko-tek® standard 100 certified,
    - indoor advantage™ gold certifie
    - non-metallic dyes,
    - abrasion resistance: >60,000 martindale rpm
    - very good resistance to rubbing (wet 4/dry 4),
    - easy to maintain as it can be vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth


  • Black epoxy paint:
    - Guarantees superior resistance to impacts and scratches
    - Beautiful appearance
  • The stability of the chair is guaranteed thanks to a 5 branches Ø61 cm steel base
  • Rubber pads, anti-slip and noise-canceling:
    - Stain-resistant
    - Scratch-resistant
  • Footrest swivel and adjustable in height from 17 to 48 cm

Developed and manufactured by Rythmes & Sons in France

Other colour available on request

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