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Pallet optimized containers

Discover our palletizable and stackable transport boxes. Lids and castors are sold as options. Designed and manufactured in France by Rythmes & Sons.

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800x300xH300 OpenRoad® Pallet box
OpenRoad® Pallet box
Ref. ORI 0833 64
194.40€ Incl. VAT
1 in stock
800x400xH500 OpenRoad® Pallet box
OpenRoad® Pallet box
Ref. ORI 0845 64
214.80€ Incl. VAT
Manufacture in progress
800x600xH600 OpenRoad® Pallet box
OpenRoad® Pallet box
Ref. ORI 0866 64
349.20€ Incl. VAT
Manufacture on demand
400x400xH400 OpenRoad® Pallet box
OpenRoad® Pallet box
Ref. ORI 1244 64
303.60€ Incl. VAT
4 in stock
1200x500xH500 OpenRoad® Pallet box
OpenRoad® Pallet box
Ref. ORI 1255 64
355.20€ Incl. VAT
1 in stock
800x300 OpenRoad® lid
OpenRoad® lid
Ref. ORI 083C 65
58.80€ Incl. VAT
Manufacture on demand
800x600 OpenRoad® lid
OpenRoad® lid
Ref. ORI 086C 65
73.20€ Incl. VAT
Manufacture on demand
1200x400 OpenRoad® lid
OpenRoad® lid
Ref. ORI 124C 65
72.00€ Incl. VAT
7 in stock
1200x500 OpenRoad® lid
OpenRoad® lid
Ref. ORI 125C 65
76.80€ Incl. VAT
Manufacture on demand
Set of 4 wheels D100/150kg
Set of 4 wheels D100/150kg
Ref. ORI RO010
94.80€ Incl. VAT
18 in stock + Manufacture in progress
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Reusable, Palletizable, and Stackable Containers

Are you looking for a strong, durable, and palletizable wooden packaging solution? Wooden containers are the answer to your question. They are perfectly suited for the transport and storage of fragile and/or bulky products, whether they are packaged in bulk or individually. Palletizable containers are adapted to EURO pallet dimensions. Palletizable and stackable containers help to reduce floor space in warehouses and storage areas for more optimal storage.
As an option, you can add wheels to facilitate movement and handling operations.
The stackable and palletizable container is specifically designed to meet the handling and storage requirements in industrial sectors such as automotive or pharmaceuticals.

Discover our standard industrial boxes

We specialize in the production of wooden industrial boxes to facilitate the transport of your equipment.

  • Shuttle boxes, the responsible solution for logistics loops to optimize empty returns.
  • Stackable wooden boxes for industry
  • Dollies to ensure the rapid, safe and efficient delivery of your industrial equipment. A real help for handling

Manufacturing of custom-made industrial boxes

We design and manufacture wooden shuttle boxes of all sizes and dimensions according to your needs, and the product to be transported or stored. We invite you to contact us for any project request in progress or to come.