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Flight-case pour vidéo projecteur PANASONIC PT-RW620 / PT-2
Flight-case pour vidéo projecteur PANASONIC PT-RW620 / PT-1
Grand fermoir à papillon avec ouveture/fermeture guidée
Poignée encastré en acier avec double ressort de rappel
4 roulettes pivotantes D100 dont 2 à frein
Cuvettes encastrées pour roulettes

Flight case for video projectors PANASONIC PT-RZ970/RZ770/RZ660/RZ120 Series+ Compartment for lens

Ref. FVP PA 545020

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For video projectors:

PT-⁠RW620 / PT-⁠RW620L / PT-⁠RW630 / PT-⁠RW730 / PT-⁠RW930 / PT-⁠RX110 / PT-⁠RZ110L / PT-⁠RZ120 / PT-⁠RZ660 / PT-⁠RZ660L / PT-⁠RZ670 / PT-⁠RZ670 Series / PT-⁠RZ730L / PT-⁠RZ770 / PT-⁠RZ770/RZ660 Series / PT-⁠RZ770L / PT-⁠RZ870 / PT-⁠RZ870 Series / PT-⁠RZ870L / PT-⁠RZ930L / PT-⁠RZ970 / PT-⁠RZ970L / RZ970 Series / PT-⁠RCQ10BE / PT-⁠RZ990 / PT-⁠RZ990L / PT-⁠RZ890 / PT-⁠RZ890L / PT-⁠RZ790 / PT-⁠RZ790L / PT-⁠RZ690 / PT-⁠RZ690L

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Technical specifications

Product reference

FVP PA 545020

Net weight (kg)


Packaged product

PT-⁠RW620, PT-⁠RW620L, PT-⁠RW630, PT-⁠RW730, PT-⁠RW930, PT-⁠RX110, PT-⁠RZ110L, PT-⁠RZ120, PT-⁠RZ660, PT-⁠RZ660L, PT-⁠RZ670, PT-⁠RZ670 Series, PT-⁠RZ730L, PT-⁠RZ770, PT-⁠RZ770/RZ660 Series, PT-⁠RZ770L, PT-⁠RZ870, PT-⁠RZ870 Series, PT-⁠RZ870L, PT-⁠RZ930L, PT-⁠RZ970, PT-⁠RZ970L, RZ970 Series, PT-⁠RCQ10BE, PT-⁠RZ990, PT-⁠RZ990L, PT-⁠RZ890, PT-⁠RZ890L, PT-⁠RZ790, PT-⁠RZ790L, PT-⁠RZ690, PT-⁠RZ690L

Overall dim. (mm)


Flight case for video projectors PANASONIC PT-RZ970/RZ770/RZ660/RZ120 Series+ Compartment for lens

Product specifications and fittings

  • Top opening with shallow base
  • 9 mm birch plywood phenolic coated brown
  • 4 large recessed butterfly latches with guided opening/closing mechanism
  • 4 recessed flip handles with double sprung
  • 4 swivel castors Ø100 (2 with brake)
  • 4 recessed dishes for stacking

Interior features

  • Foam cushioning for projector without lens
  • Compartments on the side with removable dividers and foam padding for lenses and accessories.

Developed and manufactured by Rythmes & Sons in France

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Product sheet PANASONIC PT-⁠RZ660/770/790/870/890/930/970 Series PT-RW620/630/730/930 Flight case for videoprojector