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Flight-case - Malle OpenRoad® 1200x600x600-1
4 roulettes pivotantes D100 dont 2 à frein

Open Road® cable trunk 1200 x 600 x 600, ultra-strong version (destockage)

Ref. ORU 1266 64

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Openroad® trunk 1200x600x600
Standard trunk 1200x600x600



Technical specifications

Product reference

ORU 1266 64

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Open Road® cable trunk 1200 x 600 x 600, ultra-strong version (destockage)

Its composition is identical to the Open Road® trunks. The Ultra Robust series benefits from reinforced longitudinal sides (18mm) and offers a better holding of the lid. This trunk is able to support heavier weights thanks to castors fit on plates. Its dimensions are of standard size.

Product specifications and fittings

  • 9 mm BROWN phenolic faced birch plywood
  • Sides reinforced with 18mm birch plywood
  • OpenRoad® top removable flat lid
  • 2 recessed sliding latches
  • 4 recessed flip handles with double sprung
  • 4 swivel castors Ø100 (2 with brake) on plates

Developed and manufactured by Rythmes & Sons in France

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Product sheet OpenRoad® trunk 1200x600x600 (destock)