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Flight-case - 800x600xH600 
Malle Classique PVC Bleu + c-1
Flight-case - 800x600xH600 
Malle Classique PVC Bleu + c-2
Flight-case - 800x600xH600 
Malle Classique PVC Bleu + c-3
Grand fermoir à papillon avec ouveture/fermeture guidée
4 roulettes pivotantes D100 dont 2 à frein
Cuvettes encastrées pour roulettes

Classic Trunk 800x600x600 Blue finish with dishes for stacking + padding foam + 2 dividers

Ref. 9FFC 013733

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Technical specifications

Product reference

9FFC 013733

Net weight (kg)


Max. load (kg)

300kg max.

Interior dim. (mm)


Overall dim. (mm)


Volume (liter)


Classic Trunk 800x600x600 Blue finish with dishes for stacking + padding foam + 2 dividers


  • Light scratches on the angles

Product specifications and fittings

  • 9 mm birch plywood with blue rigid PVC laminate
  • Hinged top lid
  • 2 large recessed butterfly latches with guided opening/closing mechanism
  • 2 lid stays in dish on the back
  • 8 recessed flip handles with double sprung
  • 4 swivel castors Ø100 (2 with brake) on plates
  • 4 recessed dishes for stacking

Interior features

  • On the large sides, adhesive and high-density grooved foams 20 mm thick. Allow insertion of movable partitions every 25 mm.
  • at the bottom, 1 adhesive foam 10 mm thick
  • on the smaller sides, 2 adhesives foams 10 mm thick
  • In the lid, egg Carton and adhesive foam 10 mm thick
  • 2 Movable dividers with foam padding

Developed and manufactured by Rythmes & Sons in France

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Product sheet 800x600xH600
PVC Classic Trunk trunk + padding foam + dividers