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Flight-case - Kit rainuré bois+2 cloisons pour malle 1200-1

Wood grooved kit+2 dividers for trunk 1200x500xh500

Ref. FNK 120505B-C00

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Composite grooved kit + 2 dividers for trunk 1200x500xH500



Technical specifications

Product reference

FNK 120505B-C00

Gross weight (kg)


For trunks size


2 grooved wood panels + 2 Movable wooden partitions for Classic trunk 1200x500xh500

* End of serie *

This equipment is completely removable and without any screws.
It can be installed and removed in all trunks of the same dimension.

This kit includes the supply of:

  • 2 grooved wood panels to be placed against the large inner sides of the flight case
  • 2 Movable wooden partitions

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Product sheet Wood grooved kit+2 dividers for trunk 1200x500xh500