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Our panels

Our flight cases are made of birch plywood panels. Our plywood comes from Northern Europe. They guarantee exceptional quality and resistance to shocks.

Various coatings are available to meet all needs:

  • Birch Plywood coated with with a phenol film on 2 faces

The 9mm panel is used in most of our fabrications.
Extremely resistant, it guarantees the durability of our packaging.
The 6.5 mm birch panel is mainly used for light configurations and the packaging of small equipment (briefcases and light racks).

PhenolicBirch plywood with a phenol film on both the faces

  • Birch plywood with rigid PVC laminate

Out of stock in:
- blue RAL 5010,
- sky blue RAL 5015,
- ocean blue RAL 5020
- bordeaux RAL 4004,
- red RAL 3020,
- orange RAL 2008,
- yellow RAL 1023,
- dark gray RAL 7015,
- light gray RAL 7037,
- black RAL 9004,
- white RAL 9010.

Other colors on request (as part of mass production)

PVCBirch plywood with rigid PVC laminate

  • Birch plywood with Hexagonal Pattern

The "Hexa" panel is a 9mm birch plywood covered with a thick phenolic film with a hexagonal relief. It is proposed in gray and black.

HEXABirch plywood with hexagonal pattern

  • Composite

We offer different types of composite panels to meet the different requirements: twin-wall panel and honeycomb.


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