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Molded cases (27) Accessories for interior features (5) Tools cases (2) Conference systems (1)


European leader in technical and waterproof cases manufacturing. Used in many sectors: aerospace, medical, industry, law enforcement, defense/military, fire/security, entertainment ...

33 results
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 7630 case 765x485xH305 int. with foam and castors
EXPLORER® 7630 case 765x485xH305 int. with foam and castors
Ref. MVE 7630BFW
401.60€ Excl.VAT
Restock in progress
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 5822 case 580x440xH220 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 5822 case 580x440xH220 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 5822BF
249.80€ Excl.VAT
12 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 4820 case 480x370xH205 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 4820 case 480x370xH205 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 4820BF
185.30€ Excl.VAT
11 in stock
-43% EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 5822 case 580x440xH220 int. without foam
EXPLORER® 5822 case 580x440xH220 int. without foam
Ref. MVE 5822BE
213.90€ Excl.VAT   121.92€ Excl.VAT
4 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 5833 case 580x440xH330 int. with foam and castors
EXPLORER® 5833 case 580x440xH330 int. with foam and castors
Ref. MVE 5833BFW
365.20€ Excl.VAT
Restock in progress
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 4820 case 480x370xH205 int. without foam
EXPLORER® 4820 case 480x370xH205 int. without foam
Ref. MVE 4820BE
145.20€ Excl.VAT
7 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 3818 case 380x270xH180 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 3818 case 380x270xH180 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 3818BF
123.70€ Excl.VAT
3 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 7641 case 765x485xH415 int. with foam and castors
EXPLORER® 7641 case 765x485xH415 int. with foam and castors
Ref. MVE 7641BFW
468.90€ Excl.VAT
4 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 2712 case 276x200xH120 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 2712 case 276x200xH120 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 2712BF
71.20€ Excl.VAT
5 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 2717 case 276x200xH170 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 2717 case 276x200xH170 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 2717BF
81.10€ Excl.VAT
Restock in progress
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 3317 case 330x234xH170 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 3317 case 330x234xH170 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 3317BF
103.90€ Excl.VAT
21 in stock
Set of 6 metal brackets and screws to fix Explorer plate
Set of 6 metal brackets and screws to fix Explorer plate
8.90€ Excl.VAT
15 in stock + 30 manufactured within 3 to 4 days
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 2209 case 220x160xH95 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 2209 case 220x160xH95 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 2209BF
47.70€ Excl.VAT
8 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 4412 case 445x345xH125 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 4412 case 445x345xH125 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 4412BF
149.20€ Excl.VAT
11 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 5122 case 517x277xH217 int. with foam and castors
EXPLORER® 5122 case 517x277xH217 int. with foam and castors
Ref. MVE 5122BFW
226.00€ Excl.VAT
Restock in progress
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 2712 case 276x200xH120 int. without foam
EXPLORER® 2712 case 276x200xH120 int. without foam
Ref. MVE 2712BE
59.40€ Excl.VAT
Product temporarily out of stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 4419 case 440x345xH190 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 4419 case 440x345xH190 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 4419BF
168.40€ Excl.VAT
Restock in progress
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 5122 case 517x277xH217 int. without foam
EXPLORER® 5122 case 517x277xH217 int. without foam
Ref. MVE 5122BEW
197.00€ Excl.VAT
Restock in progress
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 4419 case 440x345xH190 int. without foam
EXPLORER® 4419 case 440x345xH190 int. without foam
Ref. MVE 4419BE
130.00€ Excl.VAT
Product temporarily out of stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 5823 case 580x440xH220 int. with foam and castors
EXPLORER® 5823 case 580x440xH220 int. with foam and castors
Ref. MVE 5823BFW
346.40€ Excl.VAT
Restock in progress
Multi Utility Box MUB78 680x470xH345
Multi Utility Box MUB78 680x470xH345
Ref. MVU 7841BEW
133.00€ Excl.VAT
3 in stock + Supply on demand
Padded dividers EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> DIV-I
Padded dividers EXPLORER® DIV-I
33.30€ Excl.VAT
Manufacture within 8 to 10 days
Padded bag EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> BAG-G
Padded bag EXPLORER® BAG-G
61.50€ Excl.VAT
Manufacture within 8 to 10 days
Padded bag EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> BAG-M
Padded bag EXPLORER® BAG-M
93.30€ Excl.VAT
Manufacture within 8 to 10 days
Padded dividers EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> DIV-N
Padded dividers EXPLORER® DIV-N
62.00€ Excl.VAT
2 in stock + Manufacture within 8 to 10 days
Tools case 453x345x185 int.
Tools case 453x345x185 int.
Ref. MVT 453519BPW
365.00€ Excl.VAT
1 in stock + Supply on demand
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 5325 case 538x405xH250 int. with foam
EXPLORER® 5325 case 538x405xH250 int. with foam
Ref. MVE 5325BF
251.60€ Excl.VAT
1 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 7726 case 770x580xH265 int. with foam and castors
EXPLORER® 7726 case 770x580xH265 int. with foam and castors
Ref. MVE 7726BFW
425.60€ Excl.VAT
8 in stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 7745 case 770x580xH450 int. with foam and castors
EXPLORER® 7745 case 770x580xH450 int. with foam and castors
Ref. MVE 7745BFW
560.00€ Excl.VAT
4 in stock
Explorer<sup>®</sup> case for 12 conference units ADN SENNHEISER
Explorer® case for 12 conference units ADN SENNHEISER
830.90€ Excl.VAT
Manufacture within 8 to 10 days
Tools case 470x390xH320 int.
Tools case 470x390xH320 int.
445.60€ Excl.VAT
1 in stock + Supply on demand
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 1913 case 190x125xH135 int. without foam
EXPLORER® 1913 case 190x125xH135 int. without foam
Ref. MVE 1913BE
37.70€ Excl.VAT
Product temporarily out of stock
EXPLORER<sup>®</sup> 15' laptop case with foam
EXPLORER® 15" laptop case with foam
Ref. MVE 4412BC
206.10€ Excl.VAT
2 in stock
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