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Percussions - Batterie PEARL Export 20'-1
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PEARL Export EXX 20" Drum


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PEARL Export EXX 20" Drum

  • 6-ply white poplar and dark Asian mahogany SST technology barrels
  • Chamfer 45 °
  • Opti-Loc tom suspensions
  • 1.6mm triple-flanged toms circles
  • Wooden bass drum circles
  • New low mass shells " Export "
  • Toms skins:
  • Frappe = Remo UK clear
  • Snare drum heads:

Frappe = Remo UK coated
Resonance = Remo UK Snare

  • Bass drum heads:

Frappe = Remo UK Powerstroke 3

Chrome hardware
Colors to be confirmed when ordering


  • 1x Bass drum 20"x16"
  • 1x Tom 10"x7"
  • 1x Tom 12"x8"
  • 1x Bass tom 14"x14"
  • 1x Snare drum 14"x5,5"
  • 1x SABIAN SBR cymbal pack

Accessories included:

  • 1x BC-830 boom cymbal stand
  • 1x C-830 straight cymbal stand
  • 1x S-830 snare stand
  • 1x H-830 hi-hat pedal
  • 1x P-930 bass drum pedal
  • 2x TH-70I single tom brackets

Cymbals included:

  • 1x Hi hats Sabian SBR 14"
  • 1x Crash Sabian SBR 16"
  • 1x Ride Sabian SBR 20"

Supplied without stool

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Product sheet PEARL Export 20" Drum


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