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Flight cases for exhibitions, museums & POS

The aesthetics and quality of Rythmes & Sons flight cases allowed them to break into the professional world of exhibitions, decoration, hotels, museums ...

The flight case is not only a transport and packaging object, but also an object for communication, decoration, development, and marketing.

We design mobile solutions to transport, store, or present artworks, stalls, household appliances, ready-to-wear, etc.

Our flight cases are also used as furniture, in particular for the development of:

  • Thematic hotel rooms
  • Hair salons
  • Private salons or offices
  • Maintenance and presentation of art

Our research unit is at your disposal to design flight-cases to fit your project's needs.

Flight cases Rythmes & amp; Sons for the LIEBHERR exhibition

flight case for home appliance

To facilitate the logistics and handling of LIEBHERR equipment presented at trade shows, we have designed storage / presentation flight cases for hoods, fridges, ovens ...



Rythmes & Sons present at the International Glass Biennale. The artist Sylvie Lander presented her stained glass windows at the Boecklin court in flight cases which she renamed "Light-boxes" for the occasion.

Storage flight cases for JOTT Jackets

Flight case for jackets JOTT

JOTT brand appealed to RRythmes & Sons to design ephemeral and mobile stands for the marketing of their jackets in shopping malls or shops around the world.

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