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Molded cases (18)


Italian manufacturer of polypropylene transport cases resistant to shocks and water for medical, military, law enforcement, photo/video, information technology, hunting, fishing... Excellent quality/price ratio.

18 results
<strong>MAX MAX235H105S</strong> case <br>235x180xH106 int. + foam
MAX MAX235H105S case
235x180xH106 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 235H105BF
49.56€ Incl. VAT
Restock in progress
<strong>MAX MAX300S</strong> case <br>300x225xH132 int. + foam
MAX MAX300S case
300x225xH132 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 300H132BF
70.56€ Incl. VAT
16 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX465H125S</strong> case <br>465x335xH125 int. + foam
MAX MAX465H125S case
465x335xH125 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 465H125BF
116.40€ Incl. VAT
16 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX465H220S</strong> case <br>465x335xH220 int. + foam
MAX MAX465H220S case
465x335xH220 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 465H220BF
144.00€ Incl. VAT
Restock in progress
<strong>MAX MAX505H280S</strong> case <br>500x350xH280 int. + foam
MAX MAX505H280S case
500x350xH280 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 505H280BF
187.20€ Incl. VAT
2 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX540H245S</strong> case <br>538x405xH245 int. + foam
MAX MAX540H245S case
538x405xH245 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 540H245BF
218.40€ Incl. VAT
6 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX620H250S</strong> case <br>620x460xH250 int. + foam + castors
MAX MAX620H250S case
620x460xH250 int. + foam + castors
Ref. MVM 620H250BFW
321.60€ Incl. VAT
12 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX620H250TR</strong> case <br>620x460xH250 int.
MAX MAX620H250TR case
620x460xH250 int.
Ref. MVM 620H250BET
346.80€ Incl. VAT
5 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX620H340STR</strong> case <br>620x460xH340 int. + foam + castors
MAX MAX620H340STR case
620x460xH340 int. + foam + castors
Ref. MVM 620H340BFT
447.60€ Incl. VAT
13 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX750H280S</strong> case <br>750x480xH280 int. + foam + castors
MAX MAX750H280S case
750x480xH280 int. + foam + castors
Ref. MVM 750H280BFW
542.40€ Incl. VAT
5 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX750H400S</strong> case <br>750x480xH400 int. + foam + castors
MAX MAX750H400S case
750x480xH400 int. + foam + castors
Ref. MVM 750H400BFW
613.20€ Incl. VAT
10 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX430S</strong> case <br>426x290xH159 int. + foam
MAX MAX430S case
426x290xH159 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 430H159BF
97.20€ Incl. VAT
16 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX820S</strong> case <br>820x600xH450 int. + foam + castors
MAX MAX820S case
820x600xH450 int. + foam + castors
Ref. MVM 820H450BFW
988.80€ Incl. VAT
Product temporarily out of stock
<strong>MAX MAX380H115S</strong> case <br>380x270xH115 int. + foam
MAX MAX380H115S case
380x270xH115 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 380H115BF
85.20€ Incl. VAT
6 in stock
<strong>MAX MAX615</strong> case <br>615x615xH360 int. + foam + castors
MAX MAX615 case
615x615xH360 int. + foam + castors
Ref. MVM 615H360BFW
635.40€ Incl. VAT
3 in stock
New <strong>MAX MAX235H155</strong> case <br>235x180xH156 int. + foam
MAX MAX235H155 case
235x180xH156 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 235H155BF
55.20€ Incl. VAT
Restock in progress
New <strong>MAX MAX400S</strong> case <br>400x230xH260 int. + foam
MAX MAX400S case
400x230xH260 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 400H260BF
112.80€ Incl. VAT
Restock in progress
New <strong>MAX MAX520S</strong> case <br>520x290xH200 int. + foam
MAX MAX520S case
520x290xH200 int. + foam
Ref. MVM 520H200BF
146.40€ Incl. VAT
Restock in progress
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